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mindflow creates inspiration and engagement. For better results.

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What is mindflow?
Smart digital tools to improve your workshops and meetings.

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Preparation is easily done with mindflow and facillitators profit from support to guide through the agenda and methods
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In the workshop or meeting, participants contribute individually in gamified workshop tools on their tablets
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The output becomes visible via projection in real-time – to empower discussions and help to come to decisions

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  • Prepare your workshop agenda with a set of tool and tailor them to your needs
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What this website is about: A new tool and a new method for facilitators of workshops and meetings to engage participants, involve them in the collaboration and boost their creativity. It’s simple, intuitive and easy to handle. It increases efficiency highly through the fully digital process. For better results in meetings and workshops. mindflow offers support in every stage of the process: Prepare the agenda, select tools to create interaction and tailor these tools to your individual needs as a facilitator. Run tests with your setup and modify your agenda to get the most of your session. You are completely free to combine mindflow with conventional methods and equipment at any time. During the meeting you can focus on your topic and your participants because mindflow guides you through the agenda. Every tool consists of three phases that guide to a productive discussion and clear and helpful results. The immediate summary on screen or projection makes it easy to direct the conversation towards the goals of your workshop. By the end all input is digital already and can be easily exported for further use in your documentation or presentation.